Here at Link2 Recruitment, we work closely with you to understand the exact type of service you as a client or candidate would need us to provide. We like to get to know your goals and interests with a partnership desire. Then comes into play our recruitment consultants who are skilled, efficient, and follow the highest ethical standard who will ensure to get all the support you need. 

To find out more or to talk to one of our team, email us at or call us free on (09) 2724700.

What We Do

Permanent recruitment

Temporary recruitment

Contract recruitment

In-House Line Assessment

Our on-site, fully-operational production lines allow us to mimic a working production line and a manufacturing workplace environment. With these facilities we can successfully train and observe candidates skills and behaviors to ensure that by the time they arrive at your workplace, they’re competent, confident and ready to work for you.

Talent when you need it

While we have a diverse range of skills on our talent books, we also service a range of related industries whose staff require similar skills and experience. Therefore we have a pool of reliable and flexible temporary staff available to you as the demands of your business require for temporary, short-term and project-based assignments. Contact us to find out more

Finding the right Fit

Finding staff for your business can be a time-consuming process – leave the hard work to us so you can focus on your core business
activities. We’ll screen and test candidates for permanent and contractual roles, and we can also provide pre-induction training which can
save you time and money.

We follow a rigorous recruiting, screening and selection process to ensure quality and consistency. All original eligibility documents are seen
and verified and all candidates undergo police checks and fully referenced prior to any assignments being offered.

If our clients wish to see candidate’s documents themselves, it can be viewed by having a separate log in to our portal. This can be created
by our Recruitment Consultants. Visit us to know more.

Thinking outside the box

You don’t want just anyone working for you – which is why we don’t just take a standard approach to recruiting and testing. With our
innovative approach to candidate training and testing, we know we can deliver the right people for your business.  

We welcome you to visit us and see our training and assessment facilities for yourself or watch our videos to get an insight!

High Risk Area Assessment

Operating in the FMCG industry means that often the job involves dealing with High-Risk products. We ensure all of our clients that we are able to deliver the highest quality and safest products, which is why we have designed a working environment of how to manage High-Risk Products under Good Manufacturing Practices here at Link2 Recruitment.

Our key areas of focus are personal hygiene, cleaning and cross-contamination, and traceability. We take personal hygiene seriously and ensure that all employees attend work at their best, which might include avoiding wearing any jewelry or staying at home when feeling unwell. Tracing is also extremely important when producing high-risk products to avoid cross-contamination. All candidates are inducted on our site on these products which enables them to receive the necessary training as required, and have a great understanding of industry standards to provide the best service possible for all of our clients.

To find out more about what other High-Risk Practices we have in place, email us at or call us free on 0800 69 9675.